Rafael Correa warns that deliberate action is being taken to weaken Latin American integration

President Rafael Correa being interviewed on Telesur on Monday. / Photo: Presidencia

Quito, July 29 (Andes). - The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, warned on Monday that actions were being taken to undermine Latin American integration, including internal movements seeking destabilization in the various countries.

"I think there are deliberate actions being taken to weaken this integration process and, indeed, lead us towards a form of integration that quote unquote seeks not to build the ‘patria grande’ but rather a large market," said the Ecuadorian president in an interview with Telesur.

Remembering the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and former Argentinian President Nestor Kirchner, Rafael Correa said that the right-wing on the continent is beginning to rebuild itself.

The Ecuadorian president said the integration process in the region has slowed, in part, due to deliberate actions being taken to stop this process.

Rafael Correa said that one way to reverse this push forward from the right would be through the political will of the governments that are promoting integration, but unfortunately they are overwhelmed by internal problems that distract from this purpose.

"Look what they did to Dilma (Rousseff, president of Brazil), with so much instability, and internal unrest how can one start thinking about integration, about an external matter," he said.

And he warned—in reference to domestic protests—that these "are strategic, we must beware because they are not spontaneous events."

The Ecuadorian President also warned that other movements are being initiated, "other forms of integration" like the Pacific Alliance. "I mean, basically it’s more neoliberalism, more free trade, this naive desire for [trade] openness, this forming of markets and not societies, creates consumers not citizens, and all of this is a distraction and it weakens and takes away momentum."

He said that we must be very aware of this threat and give new impetus, especially, to the development of the UNASUR, which "clearly has slowed down".

This is one of the themes that will be on the agenda of the planned bilateral meeting between the governments of Ecuador and Venezuela in Caracas.

Correa added that although this is an issue for governments, social movements must be very careful because "the right is not stupid, the old power groups are not stupid". "They have seen the legitimacy of social movements and civil society organizations and they have created their own. And they are funding civil society movements whose purpose is to attack and defame progressive governments" he concluded.

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